The Martham Wood Spirit

Commission Date: 2013
Tree: Beech
Method: Chainsaw & chisel carve

I was commissioned to carve a wood spirit in a beech tree which had been taken down for safety reasons leaving a very large stump.  It had been the favourite tree of the man of the house who sadly had passed away a short time ago so his good wife asked me if it was possible to chainsaw carve what I felt was the spirit of the wood………. “a wood spirit”.

It was a beautiful sunny day with light winds. The tree had not long since been felled so the wood was relatively green and cut quite easily for beech. The brief called for a wood spirit rather than a green man so I put saw to wood and let the wood talk.

This carving took 10 hours to complete by chainsaw with the detail being added by chisel. I treated the finished carving was a couple of coats of protective exterior mineral oil which brought out the finer detail in the wood beautifully.